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Nursing Home Ratings

Welcome to the premier site that allows consumers to view Oklahoma nursing home ratings.

The nursing home ranking system uses multiple measures to score each nursing home on a level of one (lowest) through five (highest). The nursing home ratings are based on 9 separate "Rating Factors." A complete description and explanation of the Rating Factors are displayed on the Description of Rating Factors page.

There are several different options you have to begin your search. You can use the "Quick Search" if you want a list of all nursing homes or you know the name of a nursing home and want to see their ratings. You can use options one and two in order to do a search by city and zip code or specific searches based on Rating Factor criteria.


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Select a rating factor that is most important to you and click the "one" button. Then select the second and third rating factors and click the next button.

A complete explanation of the Rating Factors are displayed on the Description of Rating Factors page.

Person Centered Care
Leadership Commitment
Distance Learning Program
Peer Mentoring Program
Resident/Family Satisfaction
Employee Satisfaction
CNA Retention
Licensed Nurse Retention
Direct Care Staffing
Overall Star Rating

The Focus on Excellence Ratings System does not replace the individual's duty (and/or the family's duty) to physically inspect the prospect facility, make direct contact with caregivers in the prospect facility, and use individual judgment in deciding nursing home placement.

The Focus on Excellence Rating System is a program for facilities that have a Medicaid contract. Thus, the Ratings System does neither rate facilities that do not volunteer data or facilities that do not have Medicaid contracts. While these two types of facilities are small in number, the Oklahoma Health Care Authority makes no representations about the care in these facilities.

Finally, individuals and family members should note that care conditions in facilities can change rapidly. While the Oklahoma Health Care Authority has designed its ratings system in part to take into account these potential rapid changes (its system rates homes four times a year), individuals and families should take note of this issue.

last updated: 4/3/14, performance data Q4-2013